Corbo by Bill Cox

It is a fact, little known in the human world, that every one of Scotland’s thirty thousand lochs has its own monster. Most people will have heard of Nessie, the creature that inhabits Loch Ness. Some few may also have heard of Morag, the beast infrequently seen on Loch Morar, or Lizzie, who patrols the… Read more Corbo


Red by Andrin Albrecht

My granny once gave me a teeny tiny flare gun. It wasn’t the weirdest thing I ever received from her, not by a long stretch––but let’s just not go there, right? No, this was a teeny tiny flare gun in a pretty wooden box, and it sure was weird enough. It came with cartridges and… Read more Red

The Washerwoman

The Washerwoman by A.J. Orr

Laura was wandering, not entirely without purpose, but certainly without a destination. She couldn’t work out when things had gone wrong, at what point had the wheels come off her perfect relationship and landed her in a place where she was scared for her life? Had Prince Charming ever been… charming? Other people seemed to… Read more The Washerwoman