Cloud-The-Heads by Steven Sheil

Cal found what he was looking for at the edge of the woods, down where the ground sloped towards the dank waters of Stout Marsh, in between where the tree roots crept across the ground half-exposed like dead men’s fingers. A patch of Cloud-The-Heads, the tall stems clustered with ever-smaller rings of yellow flowers, yellow… Read more Cloud-The-Heads


Scrumping by Holly Barratt

It’s August, the moon is full, and the sound of the waves bothering the rocks half a mile away is insistent. The orchard smells of father: apple and salt. Cider-soaked and sea-preserved, he was so well pickled he could never have grown old if he lived a thousand years. Jenna and Menna, dresses tucked in… Read more Scrumping


Bogodom by Donna L. Greenwood

He has plagued the streets of our small town for years. We, the sane and straight-backed, do not leave our homes once the sun has fallen. Moonlight is no light at all when it only illuminates the entrails of the slain. We do not know why Bogodom the Beast terrorises our town, we only know… Read more Bogodom