Sky Gods

Sky Gods by Grace Palmer

On the longest day, rain clouds bounce across the sky. I fling myself on my bicycle, head for the bruised purple. It’s been hot for a week, last night I tossed the duvet off, rubbed my back and flat belly. Blood again. They say if you’re caught in a rain-storm on the Solstice you’ll have… Read more Sky Gods


Fathom by Adele Evershed

Elle watches in the milky morning light as her toes disappear beneath the surf. They feel numb with the cold, which surprises her, it is not how she remembers the ocean to be. Welcoming it as a small blessing she lets it soothe the pain in her feet. She feels like she has been dancing… Read more Fathom

Going Underground

Going Underground by Bill Cox

Malcolm’s parents died of starvation in the great famine of ’76 and by rights the four-year-old should have followed them into Eternity. However, the child’s plaintive cries of sadness and hunger were heard by a nearby family of moles, known to be the most empathic of Our Lady’s creatures, and that night he found his… Read more Going Underground