A Crow Tale

A Crow Tale by Bill Cox

Martin’s new home, a quaint country cottage, stood on its own, nestling in-between crop fields off a quiet rural road. It was his little slice of countryside heaven. When he received the keys from his estate agent, he was also given a curious piece of advice passed on from the previous owners. “Martin, apparently you’re… Read more A Crow Tale


Chrysopelaiea by Angela Paine

Chrysopeleia was a fragile creature, delicate and shy, her leafy, diaphanous clothing of ochre, russet, gold, and fiery red, draped over her slender frame, leaving her arms and legs bare. Graceful and wild, beautiful and eternally young, she was inextricably linked with her oak tree. She sat by the water’s edge, under its leafy branches,… Read more Chrysopelaiea

Red Did It

Red Did It by Wm. Brett Hill

She could smell him, lupine musk marking every branch, every leaf, every inch of the ground.  It turned her stomach, made her want to destroy him even more if only to bring back the petrichor of yesteryear, before his hunt destroyed the peace. The overladen basket pulled down on her arm as if to ground… Read more Red Did It