Sin by Morgan Quinn

The door was already ajar when I arrived, opened to allow the cloying stench of decay to dissipate. It hadn’t worked. Inside the small room, the air hung heavy and sweet; the masking scent of cloves and the haze of smoke permeated. I blinked rapidly to clear my vision, and scanned the room silently. Three,… Read more Sin

The Horned Lady

The Horned Lady by David Cook

Screaming, I’m yanked away from the Horned Lady as she is dragged towards the pyre. ‘Shush, girl,’ orders Father, clamping me around the waist as men haul her over to a wooden stake and bind her to it. ‘One day,’ she’d said, looking into my eyes, ‘They’ll come for me.’ ‘She’s a witch,’ Mother says.… Read more The Horned Lady


Ombromanie by Mandira Pattnaik

Adori is not a shadow. Though she now owns a large outlet to sell them, the price still at sixty-five. Adori sells them per-piece basis, not by kilos, and they sell briskly. Her swanky place was once a warehouse, then space enough for the weekly farmer’s market that the local government thought wise to set… Read more Ombromanie