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Gods, monsters and everything in between, from the depths of the oceans to the shadows under the bed. The flicker at the corner of your eye and the candles guttering. Myths. Legends. Folklore. Fantasy, fables and faeries. Dragons, deities and daemons. Everything with a speculative edge.

The Thread

We would be wrong to assume that the heroes had no inner lives, that they were—and are, for they are with us still—nothing more than sequences of gestures and great deeds. Theseus, for example, often pondered the tumult of his life, usually with uncertainty and dismay, and usually returning to one particular otherworldly afternoon. Having… Read more The Thread


Sadko by Edward Ahern

In the old days in Novgorod there was a boy named Sadko, strong, blue eyed and curly haired. Sadko was so poor that he had not a kopek except for what people gave him to play on his dulcimer for their dancing. He was not always happy, for it is dull work to always play… Read more Sadko

As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below by Avra Margariti

& so it was that several years into the future people perched on giant trees among the clouds or walked on miles-tall wooden stilts tied to their feet. This was largely because the surface of the Earth had become uninhabitable due to contamination. Protected by the atmospheric layers’ filters, humans went about their lives, plucking… Read more As Above, So Below