A Good Recipe

A Good Recipe by Sherry Morris

We adored Hilde’s bakes, but it was her bonbons we craved. Whichever rainbow colour we received, these perfectly round, fondant baubles were magic. One person would exclaim lemon-meringue, another swear sticky-toffee pudding, while the third said cinnamon – while sharing the same titbit. When we asked how this could be, Hilde’d smile and duck her… Read more A Good Recipe

The Plan

The Plan by Paul McDonald

You smell her perfume on the sheets, despite boil washing. His grown up kids refuse to visit, and all the neighbours shun you: it isn’t safe to like you. You try to laugh it off, but nothing’s funny; you try to justify yourself, but can’t. You ask the question, what does it want from you?… Read more The Plan


Kipris by Michelle Christophorou

The hope that the October breeze might disperse Anna’s sadness brought her and her husband to Aphrodite’s Rock, birthplace of the goddess. According to legend, if you manage to swim around the more remote formation, you will look forever young. The currents, however, make it a spot notorious for drowning. But, as with every morning… Read more Kipris