Across the Limen

Across the Limen by Emma K. Leadley

“Everybody clear!” My body arched under the defibrillators, again and again. Why wouldn’t they leave me alone? A dull throb rose in my ears, quieter than a few moments ago; a regular, slight sound, washing over the other intrusions and my skin prickled. I looked around wide-eyed; dawn had broken, and tall trees surrounded me.… Read more Across the Limen


Herald by Claudia Wair

The young man couldn’t remember anything when he awoke, not even his name. He sat up, got his bearings, and found that he was on the bank of a dry riverbed. Something nudged at his memory like a fragment of certainty, a promise of context. A village? Yes. A day’s walk eastward. Naked and dirty,… Read more Herald


Banni by Shivangi Bhrigu

By the time the setting sun had cast its vermillion glow on the haveli, the last of the servants was already out of the door, casting a long, worried glance at the woman on the threshold before making her way down the dirt-path. The woman gave her a reassuring, tight smile as she pushed the… Read more Banni

The Sisters

The Sisters by Carys Crossen

Magic was bred in the earth below the Three Sisters. Three hills, as round and green and smooth as the hills in baby’s picture books, the Sisters had watched over the land surrounding them since before time was invented. The magic was ancient, bloody, pitiless. Sometimes it flowed from a fissure opened by a digging… Read more The Sisters