Sadko by Edward Ahern

In the old days in Novgorod there was a boy named Sadko, strong, blue eyed and curly haired. Sadko was so poor that he had not a kopek except for what people gave him to play on his dulcimer for their dancing. He was not always happy, for it is dull work to always play… Read more Sadko

Little People

Little People by Edward Ahern

“Yeah, they seemed okay. They paid well, which I guess is the important thing. They worked at being friendly, but something was always straining at them. It’s a small house they’ve got, but then they’re really little people. No complaints, little made it easier for me to clean.” I shifted my backside. As I got… Read more Little People

The Spring

The Spring by Edward Ahern

The craggy back acre was unusable. But I would often climb the rocky slope and step into its tree-lined grotto. From the central hollow a little spring swelled out and meandered down to my back lawn, seeping into the grass. In the shaded dim, the rough-barked trees seemed to echo my thoughts back toward me,… Read more The Spring