A Crow Tale

A Crow Tale by Bill Cox

Martin’s new home, a quaint country cottage, stood on its own, nestling in-between crop fields off a quiet rural road. It was his little slice of countryside heaven. When he received the keys from his estate agent, he was also given a curious piece of advice passed on from the previous owners. “Martin, apparently you’re… Read more A Crow Tale


Corbo by Bill Cox

It is a fact, little known in the human world, that every one of Scotland’s thirty thousand lochs has its own monster. Most people will have heard of Nessie, the creature that inhabits Loch Ness. Some few may also have heard of Morag, the beast infrequently seen on Loch Morar, or Lizzie, who patrols the… Read more Corbo

The Phone

The Phone by Bill Cox

The Bakelite telephone, a model from the nineteen-seventies, sat in the lobby of the abandoned three storey house. It was one of many items left to their fate when the owner had passed away a number of years previously. Its green colouring looked old and faded, its cable was twisted into an uncomfortable tangle and… Read more The Phone

Going Underground

Going Underground by Bill Cox

Malcolm’s parents died of starvation in the great famine of ’76 and by rights the four-year-old should have followed them into Eternity. However, the child’s plaintive cries of sadness and hunger were heard by a nearby family of moles, known to be the most empathic of Our Lady’s creatures, and that night he found his… Read more Going Underground