Vili and Vé

Vili and Vé

(Creating humans)

Soul, sentience and sense
Odin, Vili and Vé
embroidered rough knots
into muddy, half-dark, dregs
two husks of drifted ash

The brothers salted shadows
stitched their turf-cut emblems
into form, softened knitted flesh
man and woman, oil treated
smoothed out Ask and Embla

Bombarded by night voices
they dreamt a first tongue
saw pitted blossoms, black stars
unnamed except for finger point
they awoke with guttural cry
screamed beauty with claw

About the Author

  1. Avatar Z. D. Dicks (1 story )


    Z. D. Dicks holds an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire. In 2016 he founded the Gloucestershire Poetry Society and the Gloucester Poetry Festival. He currently has three collections ‘Malcontent’ and ‘Intimate Nature’ with Black Eyes publishing (2019) and one ‘Vexed’ with Hedgehog Poetry Press (2020). Helen Ivory described his work as ‘muscular language’ and is himself ‘a gothic Seamus Heaney’ according to Anna Saunders.

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