March Submissions and Upcoming Stories

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It’s the first of the month, which means our submission window is open again for seven days. If you’re wanting to submit your work, you’ll find the form here on our submissions page.

We’ve got some great stories coming up this month and next, and we send out a weekly newsletter roundup, so if you’re not already signed up, why not add your name to the list to receive great stories in your inbox?

  • Eclipse (1st Mar 2020) by Ash Lim
  • The Pillar (3rd Mar 2020) by Michael Casey
  • The Gifts of the Fae (5th Mar 2020) by Rob Balentine, Jr.
  • The Tragedy of Mountain Gods (7th Mar 2020) by Argy Ahmeti
  • The Seventh Brother (9th Mar 2020) by Ellen Dooling Reynard
  • Eadric (11th Mar 2020) by Kathryn Wilmotte
  • All Rhodes (13th Mar 2020) by Jason E. Maddux
  • Crow and the Songbirds (15th Mar 2020) by Bruce McRae
  • The Juniper Tree (17th Mar 2020) by Charles Wyatt
  • Why It’s Hard to Harvest Chonta Palm Fruits (19th Mar 2020) by Nathan D. Horowitz
  • The Spindle Beast (21st Mar 2020) by Donna L Greenwood
  • The Winner (23rd Mar 2020) by Lisa Fox
  • The Long Death of Odysseus (25th Mar 2020) by Grove Koger
  • Flames for New Beginnings, Lilacs for First Love (27th Mar 2020) by Shivangi Bhrigu
  • Bedtime Story (29th Mar 2020) by Regina Kenney
  • Passing On (31st Mar 2020) by David O’Neill

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