Kitsune Takes Over the World

Kitsune Takes Over the World by Maria S. Picone

Kitsune, one tail

Peach lips round and ripe, she flees her captor and wanders the forests of Hokkaido, relying on the kindness of wolves for wintering.

Kitsune, five tails

She places her foot on the stair to check the strap of her pump, outlining the calf muscle peeping through the slit of her navy pencil skirt, her tie bar dazzling the eyes of the all-male board as they proceed to the executive meeting room.

Kitsune, nine tails

The pen plays on her lips, red lipstick staining the pristine silver—she parts just wide enough to tease the head; the rival CEO capitulates in a spark of signatures and initials, merging his with hers in consummation of their companies.

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    Maria S. Picone has an MFA from Goddard College. She loves cats, noodles, and oil painting. Her fiction appears in Ligeia, Monday Night Lit, talking about strawberries all of the time, and Progenitor Art and Literary Journal.

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