Witch of the Water Tower

Witch of the Water Tower by algae

¿Recuerdas las historias que mamí nos contaba cuando estábamos chiquitas? Las historias que nos contaba cuando cruzabamos el puente a Roma de la casa de guelita Laya en Miguel Alemán – como las historias de las sirenitas. Ellas nadaban en el río. Ellas nos iban a cachar y ayudar a la orilla si nos apoyábamos en la cerca del puente y nos caíamo. ¡Espera! ¿Te acuerdas cuando temíamos a la bruja que amá nos dijo que estaba en la torre de agua? Nos agachabamos atrás de los asientos de mamí y papi, temblando de miedo. Mamí nos decía que si la bruja nos viera nos iba a llevar con ella, arriba en su escoba a la torre. Que ahí ella nos iba aislar de todo el mundo. Nos quedaríamos en su torre para siempré. Me recuerdo que mamá nos decía que nos callaramos, que no hiciéramos ruido, que ella nos escucharía. Y yo recuerdo el enoje que sentía cuando no me dejaba cruzar enfrente para estar con ella. Ella siempre me decía que irá la única manera donde ella no me podia protejer.1

1 Do you remember the stories Mamí would tell us when we were little girls? The ones she would tell us when we crossed the bridge coming home to Roma from Grandma Laya’s house in Miguel Alemán – like the stories of the mermaids. They swam in the river. They were to catch us and help us to shore if we leaned against the chain-linked fence on the bridge and fell below. Wait! Do you remember when we would fear the witch that Amá told us lived in the water tower? We’d duck down behind mom and dad’s seats, trembling with fear. Mamí told us that if the witch were to see us she would take us with her, up on her broom to the water tower. That there she would isolate us from the whole world. That we would stay in her tower until the end of time. I remember that Mamá told us to be quiet, to not make noise, that she would hear us. And I remember the anger I felt when she did not let me cross the front seat to be with her. She would always tell me that it was the one way she could not protect me.

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    algae is a senior Texas A&M University and is currently writing creative thesis about Mexican-American experiences in the Rio Grande Valley. The submitted pieces are both excerpts of this growing anthology and have specifically geographic connections to her hometown, Roma, Texas. algae’s “They Love When I Speak Spanish (Aman cuando hablo español)” was recently published in The Eckleburg Project’s thirteenth edition.

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