All Rhodes

All Rhodes by Jason E. Maddux

The oil lamps belched soot, staining the temple’s ceiling black. Their flickering flames caused shadows to dance upon the thick marble columns. A lone figure sat on the cold stone floor facing a statue of Apollo. She did not see the man enter the temple.  She did not have to. “You’ve returned,” she said. It… Read more All Rhodes


Eadric by Kathryn Wilmotte

On their first night in Heorot, Athaulf was awakened, not by Grendel, but by a fleabite on his toe. He opened one eye and scratched at it with a stockinged foot. If this was to be his last night on earth, he’d not go out with a stubborn itch. A great creak sounded from the… Read more Eadric

The Pillar

The Pillar by Michael Casey

‘Wait here, I’ll return soon.’ The exact same message that he’d left on the other side of the pillar. The handwriting of the note was identical, as was the paper it had been written on. Even the part of the paper he’d chosen to write on was the same. Another futile move made by his… Read more The Pillar


Eclipse by Ash Lim

In a land undiscovered by those who seek to occupy it and quell its divinities, unnamed by those who have found this land and swore to keep its secrets – in this land there are two flowers. There are trees and lush greenery and creatures of all kinds, yes. But there are two flowers. The… Read more Eclipse