Unkindness by Mary McGrath

Among the scattered dinner plates she lay, all chipped and broken, as the sky seeped from mango, to indigo, to night. The moon had seen. The moon saw everything. Under the flick, flick, flick of the fluorescent, his now calm hand, palm up, open, remained near her foot. She tried to kick it from her… Read more Unkindness

Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust by DeWitt Clinton

i Even before time or once Upon a time or even Before long long ago Heaven ruled ten unruly sons Making this place a moonscape. Only moon dust flowered All over the planet, in the Oceans, in the forests, Even in the coldest bear caves. Time’s up said Heaven And sent out a contract On… Read more Dust to Dust

Little People

Little People by Edward Ahern

“Yeah, they seemed okay. They paid well, which I guess is the important thing. They worked at being friendly, but something was always straining at them. It’s a small house they’ve got, but then they’re really little people. No complaints, little made it easier for me to clean.” I shifted my backside. As I got… Read more Little People

The Battle

The Battle by Kurt Newton

Surrounded by a primeval forest, Saro lay clutching the muddied dirt, gasping with his final breath, his body numb, the flash of his sword still recoiling in his grip. His master cast a steely eye and spoke a wounding reprimand. “This moment is trivial,” the old man said, “your aches and pains are feeble ghosts,… Read more The Battle

The Lake

The Lake by Jordan Trethewey

“Do you live around here, or do you fish?” asked the loon. “I fish,” said the merganser, “but I could certainly be persuaded to stay since the fishing is so spectacular.” The merganser continued to dive and fish in the lake, while the loon watched and worried whether the merganser might be persuaded to leave.… Read more The Lake


Hallowe'en by Francis Long

I’ve always enjoyed popping over to the other side at this time of year and mingling with the mortals for a few hours, maybe put the wind up a few if the moment was right. Last year I happened across a fancy-dress party and figured it would be a prime opportunity. This crossing over was… Read more Hallowe’en