Ascent by Paul Holler

Of a moonlit night, the long-armed youth turns his back to the village and sets upon the path to the mountain lake, riding the upward draft toward the dome of the summit, beyond the limit of the worn path, above the smoke of hearth fires, outside the lines of maps, meandering where voices decay to… Read more Ascent


Scarryns by Steven Sheil

It was a harmless lie, nothing more. The same lie that the old man himself had been told by his own folks, back when  he was the boy’s age. A tale that parents told to keep their children in step, to save themselves the trouble of using the stick or the back of a hand.… Read more Scarryns

Glowing Soil

Glowing Soil by Ethan Nahté

Haruka’s thick eyebrows knitted together as one as he scowled at the board of businessmen sitting before him at the table. His glare was punctuated by his fist slamming onto the thick wood like the thump of a body being dropped into a grave. The board members jumped. “Daichi has died without revealing his secret… Read more Glowing Soil