The Horned Lady

The Horned Lady by David Cook

Screaming, I’m yanked away from the Horned Lady as she is dragged towards the pyre. ‘Shush, girl,’ orders Father, clamping me around the waist as men haul her over to a wooden stake and bind her to it. ‘One day,’ she’d said, looking into my eyes, ‘They’ll come for me.’ ‘She’s a witch,’ Mother says.… Read more The Horned Lady


Ombromanie by Mandira Pattnaik

Adori is not a shadow. Though she now owns a large outlet to sell them, the price still at sixty-five. Adori sells them per-piece basis, not by kilos, and they sell briskly. Her swanky place was once a warehouse, then space enough for the weekly farmer’s market that the local government thought wise to set… Read more Ombromanie

Your Personalized If-Onlies Are Provided Free of Charge

Your Personalized If-Onlies Are Provided Free of Charge by Cadence Mandybura

More than anything else, the afterlife resembles a warehouse. You join a stanchioned queue and wait to be served by the angels staffing the counters. The line moves slowly but steadily. When you’re called up, the angel already has your paperwork in front of him. He scans it, tracing through the information with an opalescent… Read more Your Personalized If-Onlies Are Provided Free of Charge


Hati by K. J. Watson

The two hunters from the village stared at the mountain. ‘Hati the wolf will soon appear at the peak,’ one of them said. The other nodded. ‘He will try to devour the full moon, as he does each month.’ ‘If he succeeds, he’ll extinguish the light that helps us track our prey.’ ‘We must kill… Read more Hati


Awake by Claudia Wair

Everyone knew the tale of the beautiful princess, Briar Rose. She, along with everyone in the castle, languished in a cursed slumber. Some said that she was fated to sleep a hundred years. Some said she could be awakened with a kiss. But no matter the truth of these claims, a Prince from a neighboring… Read more Awake