Lobo by Robina Rader

So we go for a walk, Scarlett and me. Scarlett, she’s the girl that usually feeds me and takes me out. Nice kid. Well, her mom asks her to take some things to Granny, and we start off. I like to go to Granny’s. She always has dog biscuits for me, but sometimes I have to remind her.

So like I said, we start out, and when we get to the edge of the woods, Scarlett takes my leash off. Good girl. There’s a groundhog hole near the path, and someday I am gonna nail that guy. Not this time, though. He’s a lot faster than he looks. There are plenty of interesting smells in the woods, and I go off by myself a lot. I keep tabs on Scarlett, though. She’s pretty helpless. I hear her call my name, so I come running back and some little kid on the trail screams and starts crying when he sees me. Then his mom yells at Scarlett about keeping vicious beasts on a leash. I wish Scarlett wouldn’t call me Lobo. It gives people the wrong idea. I think Reginald would sound more dignified, more me, you know?

Anyway, we get to Granny’s place, and there’s a truck in the yard so I go over to check out the tires while Scarlett goes in the house, and then I hear this awful shriek. Piercing, man! That girl has good lungs, let me tell you. I bound into the house to see what’s up, and there’s a man waving an ax at Scarlett and Granny. I blank out here a little bit, and the next thing I know, the man’s flat on his back and I’m growling in his face. I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never done anything like that before. But Scarlett and Granny are real proud of me when it’s over. I gotta remember how I did that—it’s worth some extra treats.

So Granny calls the cops and they take away the guy and his truck. I’m back to being cuddly and lovable — but I hope we can do that again sometime. I kinda like this hero business.

About the Author

  1. Avatar Robina Rader (6 stories )

    Robina Rader is a retired reference librarian who lives in State College, Pennsylvania. She writes short fiction and poetry. Her work has been published in The Drabble, Short-Edition, Fudoki Magazine, and others.

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