July Submissions and Stories

Submissions and Stories Notification

It’s the first of the month, which means our submission window is open again for seven days. If you’re wanting to submit your work, you’ll find the form here on our submissions page. Fudoki Magazine is UK-based, so if you can’t see the form, check your timezone!

We’ve got some great stories coming up this month and next, and we send out a weekly newsletter roundup, so if you’re not already signed up, why not add your name to the list to receive great stories in your inbox?

  • Herald (3rd Jul 2020) by Claudia Wair
  • Across the Limen (7th Jul 2020) by Emma K. Leadley
  • All That Glitters (10th Jul 2020) by Robina Rader
  • Drink (14th Jul 2020) by Caitlin Berve
  • The Beach (17th Jul 2020) by Jacqueline Bédard
  • The Stranger in Chock-Full-o’Nuts (21st Jul 2020) by Antoinette Carone
  • The Night Marchers (25th Jul 2020) by Victory Witherkeigh
  • In Rebuttal to Sir Gallant Silkenhair (29th Jul 2020) by Cadence Mandybura

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