Got issues with your flash story? Know it’s good and want it to be great?

We offer a low-cost editing service, completely independent of submissions and specialising in flash fiction.

If you need:

  • Copy-editing and proof-reading—grammatical nit-picking and phrasing tweaks, including internationalisation.
  • Line editing—pacing, style, language and content at the sentence and paragraph level.
  • Developmental editing—plot, characters, narrative arc, story telling and more.

We charge in £GBP (British pounds sterling) at a rate of £4-7 per 500 words, depending on your needs and how much work needs doing aka what state your manuscript is in.

We recommend using ProWritingAid† or Grammarly† as a first pass before hiring an editor. It will improve your manuscript and reduce your editing fees.

Please contact us for more information.