Drink by Caitlin Berve

In the desert live a people made of sand. They rarely speak, for even the slightest movement of air sends their gritty forms into a cloud of dust. It takes weeks for them to coalesce. A child, I lost my way among sandstones and juniper trees and cried until no tears remained. A sand person found me.

“Drink,” they said, pointing at an unfamiliar cactus, and dissipated.

Prying open the fruit, I drank sage-tasting water and knew my way home. Again I find myself lost in a desert, panicked and uncertain. I think of the sand people and drink.

About the Author

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    Caitlin Berve is the owner of Ignited Ink Writing, where she edits novels, creates video tutorials, and writes. Using her MFA, she teaches creative writing at conferences, colleges, and Colorado writers’ organizations. Her collection of modern fairy tales When Magic Calls released April 1, 2020. Caitlin seeks to fill the world with the kind of writing that lingers with readers and find magic in modern times.