December Submissions and Stories

Submissions and Stories Notification

It’s the first of the month, which means our submission window is open again for seven days. If you’re wanting to submit your work, you’ll find the form here on our submissions page. Fudoki Magazine is UK-based, so if you can’t see the form, check your timezone!

We’ve got some great stories coming up this month and next, and we send out a weekly newsletter roundup, so if you’re not already signed up, why not add your name to the list to receive great stories in your inbox?

  • A Stranger Among Us (1st Dec 2020) by Toshiya Okamoto
  • Boots on the Ground (3rd Dec 2020) by Craig Romans
  • Don’t make the Revelry Goddess angry (6th Dec 2020) by Russell Hemmell
  • A Heart Runs With Ash (9th Dec 2020) by Léon Othenin-Girard
  • One Thread (12th Dec 2020) by Stephen C. Curro
  • The Legend of Mothman (15th Dec 2020) by Dawn DeBraal
  • Cat the Cat of Dreams (18th Dec 2020) by Argy Ahmeti
  • The Legend of the Christmas Spider (21st Dec 2020) by Leslie Muzingo
  • Who is That, Who Watches Me (24th Dec 2020) by Peter Gardiner
  • Once Upon an Autumn Breeze (26th Dec 2020) by Myna Chang
  • Going Home: A Fairy Tale Ending (28th Dec 2020) by Robina Rader
  • The Tattler (30th Dec 2020) by Mac Bowers

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