December Submissions and January Stories

List of stories scheduled in January 2020

It’s the first of the month, which means our submission window is open again for seven days. If you’re wanting to submit your work, you’ll find the form here on our submissions page.

Last month we had our first ever submissions come in and we were spoilt for choice.  We’ve got some cracking stories coming up in January:

  • A Special Kind of Hell (1st Jan 2020) by Emma K. Leadley
  • Roses are Red, Snow is White (3rd Jan 2020) by Carl “Papa” Palmer
  • The Whispering Doubts (6th Jan 2020) by Laura Moverin
  • Witch of the Water Tower (9th Jan 2020) by algae
  • The Spring (12th Jan 2020) by Edward Ahern
  • The Pea (14th Jan 2020) by Tim Major
  • To Kiss the Golden-Haired Giant (16th Jan 2020) by Kurt Newton
  • Miracle (19th Jan 2020) by Chris Bullard
  • House of Demons (22nd Jan 2020) by Mike Finley
  • The Sad Misfortune of Naive Catalina and her Sinister Grandmother (25th Jan 2020) by Karen Schauber
  • Of Dreamcatchers and Monster Spray (28th Jan 2020) by Peggy Schimmelman
  • More Than Enough (30th Jan 2020) by Shivangi Bhrigu

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