The Lake

The Lake by Jordan Trethewey

“Do you live around here, or do you fish?” asked the loon. “I fish,” said the merganser, “but I could certainly be persuaded to stay since the fishing is so spectacular.” The merganser continued to dive and fish in the lake, while the loon watched and worried whether the merganser might be persuaded to leave.… Read more The Lake


Hallowe'en by Francis Long

I’ve always enjoyed popping over to the other side at this time of year and mingling with the mortals for a few hours, maybe put the wind up a few if the moment was right. Last year I happened across a fancy-dress party and figured it would be a prime opportunity. This crossing over was… Read more Hallowe’en

Three Coarse Meals

Three Coarse Meals by Ellen Huang

The squinty-eyed troll could feel the thump-thump-thumping of feet on the bridge.  Something like a human boy. In other words, food. The footsteps pitter-pattered faster and faster. Then lighter, as if the boy was barely touching the bridge, preparing for a huge leap. No way was this free food getting away. The ravenous troll reached… Read more Three Coarse Meals

Glimmer of the Gods

Glimmer of the Gods by D.H. Mamet

A clap of thunder rocked the train and shook its windows. Children squealed and mothers soothed their fears. The lamps flickered and Kaol muttered the words of the revealing spell under his breath. The incantation drained him but he continued until the shimmering curtain finally appeared in front of him. It was invisible to everyone… Read more Glimmer of the Gods


Charmed by Jen Mierisch

Dear Diary, Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to buy this necklace from Monsieur Honoré. Not that it’s not beautiful. It’s gorgeous, with this iridescent stone shining on its silver chain. And it’s not that it doesn’t work. It works great. Evidently Mr. Honoré’s reputation is well deserved. Antique dealer? Ha! He’s more like… Read more Charmed