1. Tim Major’s novels include Snakeskins and the upcoming Hope Island, both published by Titan Books. Other books include short story collection And the House Lights Dim and a non-fiction book about the 1915 silent crime film, Les Vampires, which was shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award. His short stories have appeared in Interzone, Not One of Us and numerous anthologies, including Best of British Science Fiction and Best Horror of the Year.

  2. Tonia Markou is a Greek-German polyglot and globetrotter with an unhealthy obsession for stationery, mugs, pajamas and Chuck Taylors. Her short fiction has appeared in Dime Show Review, Corvid Queen, little somethings press, Havok, The Daily Drunk and others.

  3. Toshiya Okamoto was born in Hyogo and now lives in Kyoto. He has been active in the science fiction community since 1973 when he joined the SF Society at Kobe University. He has reviewed science fiction for various publications such as SF Hoseki (1979-1981) and SF Adventure (1979-1992). Since 2015, he has published short fiction in Cha-Cha Young Short-Short Magazine and Thatta Online. His latest short story collection, Neko no ou, was published in 2020.

  4. By day I am a software developer wandering "cage free" in the great Pacific Northwest of America, and by night I write under the direction of a persistent, annoying muse. My goal as a writer is to show readers that the "commonplace" is really extraordinary, if we examine with the right forms of perception. My work gravitates toward speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction with a "twist." I am an active member of PNWA, and volunteer as a reader in their literary contests. I have shorts published previously in "The Rabbit Hole, Vol. 3" (Duotrope) and Aphelion online magazine. I also have self-published collections of short stories and a recent autobiography/philosophical work called "A/not A: A Writer's Philosophy to End the Division," both on Amazon.

  5. Umiyuri Katsuyama is a multiple-award-winning writer of fantasy and horror, often based on Asian folklore motifs. A native of Iwate in the far north of Japan, she later moved to Tokyo and studied at Seisen University. In 2011, she won the Japan Fantasy Novel Award with her novel Sazanami no kuni. Her most recent novel, Chuushi, ayashii nabe to tabi wo suru, was published in 2018. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous horror anthologies in Japan.

  6. Victory Witherkeigh is a new upcoming author originally from Los Angeles, CA. She is based in the Pacific Northwest and finishing her first novel. Victory has a short story published in a literary magazine, Allegory Ridge titled, “HysterSister.” She has her debut publication in a horror anthology, The Hollow Horror Anthology Book #3, for sale beginning May 2020 containing her fiction short story, “Passion,” under Breaking Rules Publishing.

  7. W M Chan experiments with life and writing in London, UK. She enjoys writing flash-fiction stories fuelled by tea, cake and laughter with Tyler. Her poetry appears in the Trouvaille Review.

  8. Born in South-Africa and raised in a small farming community, Wiebo only had his imagination to keep him occupied, till he discovered the magic of books. He fell in love with the characters within from an early age. Soon he started to create his own worlds and stories in his head. These stories developed voices, which clamored to be heard. So, he writes. Shortlisted for his Flash Fiction and Poetry for the Fish Publishing Prize he had various stories published in Molotov Lit, National Flash Fiction Day, Reflex Fiction and more.

  9. William Lewis began writing flash fiction two years ago. He enjoys the economy and possibilities of the short form. He particularly enjoys reading his stories aloud. He has recently read some of his stories on a Gloucestershire local radio station, and for a storytelling group.

  10. After earning an English lit PhD from Duke and teaching English at both the high-school and college level up and down the U.S. Eastern seaboard, William Slayton recently relocated from the South Carolina low country to the Rockies. At this altitude he’s finished a novel, Under the Banyan Tree, set in the South Pacific during the last days of World War Two.