1. Rebecca Field lives and writes in Derbyshire, UK. She has work in several print anthologies and has been published online by Reflex Press, The Daily Drunk, The Phare, Ghost Parachute and Ellipsis Zine among others.

  2. Rebecca Wilson spends her spare time crafting tales from her home in St. Petersburg, Florida. She loves the outdoors and adventures in the wild.

  3. Regina Kenney is a former reporter for Aviation Week magazine. Kenney moved to London in 2016 where she continued to write for several blog sites including the Literature site, Literati Pulp, and the travel website, Love Pop Ups London. Kenney now lives in Dublin, Ireland where she continues to write short horror stories and poems. Her first horror story was published in the 2019 Hamthology collection and her stories have been accepted to nine more horror anthologies to be published in 2020.

  4. Robert Balentine is an emergency room physician in Arkansas where he resides with two dogs, a daughter, and a wife, in that order. He has previously been published locally and in 101 Words.

  5. Rob D. Smith is a common man attempting to write uncommon fiction in Louisville, KY. His work has appeared in Apex Magazine, Shotgun Honey, and The Arcanist. He co-hosts The Abysmal Brutes podcast that explores the nature of pop culture storytelling.

  6. Robina Rader is a retired reference librarian who lives in State College, Pennsylvania. She writes short fiction and poetry. Her work has been published in The Drabble, Short-Edition, Fudoki Magazine, and others.

  7. Rosaleen Lynch, an Irish community worker and writer in the East End of London, pursues stories conversational, literary and performed, believing in the power of words to make the world a better place. Words in publications including Jellyfish Review, EllipsisZine, Reflex, Fish and Mslexia.

  8. Russell Hemmell is a French-Italian transplant in Scotland, passionate about astrophysics, history, and Japanese manga. Winner of the Canopus Awards for Excellence in Interstellar Writing. Recent stories in Aurealis, Cast of Wonders, Flame Tree Press, The Grievous Angel, and others. SFWA & HWA. They/them.

  9. Ryan Shane Lopez is a teacher who holds an MFA in fiction from Texas State University. His writing has been published in Obra, Door Is a Jar, Hypnopomp, Abstract, Deep Overstock, and Lunate magazines. He lives in Texas with his wife, Hannah, and their two daughters.

  10. Sara Bucher is a writer from Switzerland, currently completing a Master's in Creative Writing at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.