The Horned Lady

The Horned Lady by David Cook

Screaming, I’m yanked away from the Horned Lady as she is dragged towards the pyre. ‘Shush, girl,’ orders Father, clamping me around the waist as men haul her over to a wooden stake and bind her to it. ‘One day,’ she’d said, looking into my eyes, ‘They’ll come for me.’ ‘She’s a witch,’ Mother says.… Read more The Horned Lady


Missteps by David Cook

The beam of the lighthouse blares down upon the rocks. It warns sailors away, yes, but it also illuminates the sullen outcrop where you and I dance, a nightly ritual to ward off the angry spirits of those shipwrecked in the dark years before the lighthouse was built. We two are merely the latest. Dancers… Read more Missteps