Myths, Legends, Fables, Fantasy, Folklore and Fairytales

Gods, monsters and everything in between, from the depths of the oceans to the shadows under the bed. The flicker at the corner of your eye and the candles guttering. Myths. Legends. Folklore. Fantasy, fables and faeries. Dragons, deities and daemons. Everything with a speculative edge.

Sea Foam

Sea Foam by Emma Lee

Suzume’s eyes are not empty. They are full with sky. Her fingernails have dirt under them, and her palms are pebbled where she’d pressed them into the cliffside. I bring my ear to her chest and listen to the emptiness. My kind can’t cry, but I want to—more than I wanted to for Ciara. The… Read more Sea Foam

The Nothing

The Nothing by George Prince

The night was dark and chilly. The sky was clear and stars glittered as the moon shone bright. “The full moon is my favourite! I love it!” howled Willie the Werewolf. He leapt into the branches of a tree and called up to the sky. Hobgob the Goblin and Mulch the Tree smiled to see… Read more The Nothing